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Ladies of Class

Now Available in all formats: Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen

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Now Available in all formats: The Poison Pen by Marjorie Owen
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To Be Published April 30th 2014 by Vinspire Publishing

There’s never a dull moment for the employees of Walls Department Store in the small town of Burshill, England.  Detective Chief Inspector Richard Hayward and his wife Kate just returned from a second honeymoon in Paris, discovers that life is not going to be as quiet and easy at the station as he would like.  Once again, DCI Hayward’s expertise is called upon to solve the most heinous crimes committed in the once sleepy little town.

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...Findon retorted, his voice a combination of shock
and anger. “It most certainly is not, sir!”
A more human note crept into his voice. “I almost
wish it was! Anyway, sir, my orders are to send a car for
you right away. Sir John is at home and would like you to
meet him there. Allowing for this perishing fog, the driver
should be with you in about ten minutes.”
Ella fidgeted about beside him. “Surely you’re not
going out now!” she remonstrated.
“Afraid I’ve got no option, luv. The Chief Constable
himself wants me right away, so it must be something
important. While I throw a few clothes on, will you be a
dear and make me a strong black coffee? That blasted
sleeping pill of yours is starting to work, and I need my
wits about me.”
                              * * * *
Richard dressed in a thick sweater and denims—
perhaps a subconscious desire to ram it home to the Chief
Constable that he was still on official sick leave. But
before he’d had time to take more than a few sips of the
scalding coffee, the police car was at the door. The fog, he
noticed with relief, was much less dense. The driver
introduced himself, and they were off to Sir John Bury’s
residence, which was about ten miles outside the town.
“Any idea what this is about?” Richard asked.
“We’ve had a murder tonight, sir. A Mrs. Laura
Clayton—very nice lady indeed. We all knew and liked
her. She did a lot of good in the town.”
“And Sir John’s interest…?”
“Well, sir, I’m sure he’d rather tell you about it
himself. But he and the murdered lady had been friends
for years. He’s pretty cut up about it, and he’ll be on our
backs—if you’ll pardon me, sir—until this gets cleared
The road dipped into a hollow where the fog still
lingered quite thickly. The driver concentrated on his
careful maneuvering, and Richard relapsed into silence,
fighting the sleepiness which was threatening to
overcome him. Trust this to happen on one of the few
occasions that he’d ever taken a sleeping tablet!

Marjorie Grace Patricia Bridget Owen.
Was born on September 11th 1911 in England and endured the bombardment of World War Two. She was born out-of-wedlock with an Irish Lord for a father and a Russian princess as her mother. Although her life before working is somewhat sketchy, her career, as a major London department store clothing buyer, was long and interesting. She found time to write many short stories and three novels ranging from romance to mystery.
She passed away on March 28th 2004, after a very full life, at the age of Ninety Three.

Check out this great review by Anne Edwards of Mystery Fiction

Review by Anne Edwards Mystery Fiction
Title: Ladies of Class
Author: Marjorie Grace Patricia Bridget Owen
Publisher: Vintage Romance
ISBN: 0-9783327-53
Genre: Mystery
This is a tale that will appeal to the English detective mystery fan. A well-liked local woman is murdered and no one can understand why. She didn't have any enemies, did she?
Detective Chief Inspector Richard Hayward, recently assigned to the district find himself charged with solving the case and much is expected of him due to his "reputation", something he sometimes regrets. As his investigation goes forth, he discovers this murder case is complicated by events from the past and present. How far back must he go?
Talented author Marjorie Grace Patricia Bridget Owen offers an original plot with an interesting cast of characters you will enjoy meeting. Their private agendas may get in the road of the investigation, but they certainly add a flavor to the story which is a comfortable blend of mystery and romance as lived by very likable ordinary people.
Recommended as a pleasant read for any mystery buff who doesn't like car chases or shoot 'em ups. I think Agatha C. would like this one. I did.
Anne K. Edwards

First Chapter - Ladies of Class

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