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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Forever Man: A Near-Future Thriller

From the author of The Deus Machine and The Third Pandemic comes a fast-paced thriller about the power of harnessing life itself—and the deadly secrets it conceals.

Portland, Oregon, was once a beacon of promise and prosperity. Now it’s the epicenter of a world gone wrong, its streets overrun by victims and hustlers, drifters and gangsters. Lowly contract cop Lane Anslow struggles to keep afloat—and to watch out for his brilliant but bipolar brother, Johnny, a medical researcher. Lane soon discovers that Johnny is part of an experiment veiled in extraordinary secrecy. But he has no idea who’s behind it, how astronomical the stakes are, or how many lives might be destroyed to make it a reality.

Now Johnny’s gone missing. To find him, Lane follows a twisting trail into a billionaire’s hilltop urban fortress, a politician’s inner circle, a prison set in an aircraft graveyard, and a highly guarded community where people appear to be half their biological age. Hunted by dueling enemies, Lane meets a beautiful and enigmatic woman at the center of a vast web of political and criminal intrigue. And behind it all is a sinister, desperate race to claim the biggest scientific prize of all: eternal life.

Praise for The Forever Man
“Pierre Ouellette has written a tough-guy detective thriller set in a realistic near future with a fascinating and believable twist. If you like nonstop action and intelligent plotting, The Forever Man is the book for you.”—Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of Worthy Brown’s Daughter

Book Readers Review
The Forever Man, as the title states, is a ‘Near Future’ detective thriller with a hint of Sci-fi.  Contract cop Lane Anslow and his brother Johnny who is a medical researcher, are the main characters.  There are many twists and turns and other characters that pop in and out of the story line.  Sometimes it is a little difficult to keep track of all that is happening, especially when there are flips from present to past.  However the main thread of the book is futuristic and intrigue keeping one hooked, wondering, and reading.
I found the novel both entertaining and thoughtful.  The author writes with clear, concise language, making it easy for the reader to visualize both scenery and action.  Pierre Ouelette provided several different points of view giving a good glimpse into the main players’ minds, adding another dimension to the book.  I received a copy of The Forever Man in exchange for an honest review.  My recommendation is for those who love a mix of Sci-fi and adventure and give a four star rating.  Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced readers copy.


Pierre Ouellette (aka Pierre Davis) entered the creative realm at age 13 as a lead guitarist for numerous bands in the Pacific Northwest, including the nationally known Paul Revere and the Raiders. He went on to play with such jazz luminaries as saxophonist Jim Pepper and bassist David Friesen, all the while composing sound tracks for short films and videos. To support his music habit, he became a freelance writer and eventually co-founded KVO, an advertising agency specializing in high technology, serving as its creative director. During this period, he wrote two novels eventually published in seven languages, with both optioned for film. His third novel, A Breed Apart, was published in 2009 to highly favorable reviews. He has also directed and produced The Loser's Club, documentary about struggling musicians, which was broadcast on public television and exhibited at numerous film festivals. Pierre resides in Portland, Oregon, where he now devotes himself exclusively to writing fiction and playing jazz guitar now and then in a little bar just down the street. He recently completed second novel for Bantam-Dell, entitled Origin Unknown, which explores the relationship between neurobiology and evil. It will be out July 2011. He is currently working on a revision of a novel he wrote 12 years ago, set in a world with a vanishing middle class, a collapsed health care system, and mounting political conflict. Sound familiar? It's titled "The Final Age: A Post-Econolyptic Account of Life Everlasting". 



Monday, March 13, 2017

Two unusual mystery/thrillers by S.D. O'Donnell

The First

Who is the beautiful Jayne Doe? And why does someone want to kill her?

Ex-detective Saul Becker learned the hard way not to get involved in the troubles of beautiful women. But what else can he do when a barefoot, catatonic Jayne Doe turns up practically in his backyard? Who is she, and what is she so afraid of?

Jayne Doe doesn’t remember anything about her life before she crawled into a hollow tree at the lake next to Saul’s home.. All she knows is that she’s afraid of something—or someone.

Together, Saul and Jayne set out to uncover her past. But they are in more danger than they know, and it will take all of Saul’s skill and training to track down the past that’s stalking them.

Deadly Memories is a fast-paced novel with unexpected twists and a surprise ending.

Book Readers Review

This first novel by Sarah O’Donnell led to many surprises.  Lots of action, suspense, and clean romance to keep the reader interested.  Saul Becker, an ingenious ex-detective and Jayne Doe a tenacious woman, are the main characters. Jayne is in a catatonic state when discovered by Mrs. Blackstone near Saul’s backyard.  Saul attempts to unravel the mystery of Jayne, becoming more involved with her than is really comfortable for him considering a recent relationship that ended in tragedy.
A well woven plot that is fast paced and with a few twists that are quite unexpected.  I liked the development of the characters and the unfolding of the story giving you time to enjoy each new development.  The bond between the two main characters is developed with the realization that both have experienced something terrible in their past.  This is a debut novel by Ms. O’Donnell who is obviously an experienced writer.   The novel is presented as a well edited, grammatically correct, and intriguing story.  I have no hesitation in recommending this book and give an unbiased five stars as my rating. I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author in return for an unbiased opinion.

The Second

Love ... Loss ... Secrets
A Haunting Psychological Read
She starts alone.
"I SIT IN THE GAZEBO, alone. No cup of tea. No neighborly conversation to help fill the silence. Haunted by 85 years worth of musings, I watch the sun set and feel my age."
She ends alone.
And exposes a closely-guarded secret of 35 years in between.
˃˃˃ Meet Mrs. Vera Blackstone
First introduced in the thriller Deadly Memories, she quickly became a well-loved character -- even though she isn't the main one. But you don't have to read Deadly Memories before you enjoy this novella.
˃˃˃ Warning
This story will make you think and stays with you long after the last word is read.

Book Readers Review

This is a novella featuring Vera Blackstone from S.D. O'Donnell's novel Deadly Memories. The story is written as a letter you might leave behind for your loved ones when you die. The letter reads as a confession of the heavy burden Vera has carried for more than 35 years.  The author Sarah O'Donnell approaches the relationship between Alice and her parents in an interesting way. Vera, the Mother and Alice, daughter has a relationship full of friction. Alice has been estranged from her mother for some time, she critical of all that Vera does.  The resentment Alice has toward her mother is counter to the love she shows toward her father.  Vera is a strong woman, who loves her husband very much, which is why she chooses to listen to his wishes and not those of her own or her daughters.

The secret that Vera carries for so many years makes her a stronger person but would be the undoing of others.  The ability to maintain the secret helps to define her as a person and understand the choice she was compelled to make at the time.  Not more can be said without giving away the whole story. I found this short piece to be emotional and prolific. The perfect place to read is the beach and I started and finished this story there.  The sound and sight of the ocean flowing gave the perfect backdrop for a story of love.  What one wouldn't do in the name of love!  I really enjoyed the novella and look forward to reading more by Sarah. 

I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author in return for an unbiased opinion.  My rating is five stars.
S.D. O'Donnell was born in Louisiana, raised in New Mexico, and currently resides in the Denver, Colorado area, where the book Deadly Memories takes place.

After years of working with words in the non-fiction arena as a freelance writer, technical writer, and multimedia producer (among other positions), S.D. decided to write a novel. The end result is Deadly Memories, the first of a four book series about Saul Becker and Jayne Doe.

S.D. has been hard at work on Deadly Bayou, the next book in the series. It is still awhile before that is ready, but in the meantime, Shadow Journey will be available for the Kindle on August 1, 2014. It is a novella told from the POV of a favorite character from Deadly Memories -- the feisty octogenarian Mrs. Blackstone.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

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