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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Internet made simple

The Straightforward Internet cuts through the complex digital universe that is cyberspace, and simplifies information that the reader can quickly absorb and apply, if they choose to. Geared for Gen-Exers and anyone who has been reluctant to embrace all that the Internet offers, it also speaks to the technologically competent reader that understands how fluid the digital universe is and wants to stay on top of it. Plus, there’s information for everyone that falls between these categories. For background fun, occasional references to the original Back to the Future movie touches on the experiences of Marty & Doc…Since the Internet’s arrival in our collective consciousness, human attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. We must communicate swiftly and succinctly to hold one another’s attention. This book packs a lot of critical information into a fairly small package, delivering something for (nearly) everyone. Expertise surely exists beyond mine but it’s often accompanied by an inability to express itself in everyday language so the majority can comprehend it.

Book Details:

Release Date: February 4, 2017
Genre: Non-fiction
Keywords: Internet, viruses, Social Media, ephemeral emails, online Easter Egg hunts, TOR, Onion Router, VPN, Dark Net, bitcoin, Back to the Future, Deep Web
Formats for review: ebook (.mobi/Kindle, .pdf), print (US only)
Note on book content: No violence or sex, allowed on TV swearing, recreational drug use (on the Deep Web). PG-13 rating. 

About the Author:
Terry Lynne Hale is a Kansas City freelance writer and author whose first book, Ageless Internet, won the 2012 Indie Excellence Award. Her business experience provided ample opportunity for writing and marketing. Terry has three featured Squidoo lenses (now Hub Pages) and is a Diamond Ezine Articles expert author.

Terry Lynne Hale is an author and freelance writer with a passion for, well, a lot of things!  She is passionate about reading, writing, the Internet, family, friends, pets, vibrant health, the environment, wildlife preservation, protecting 2ndamendment rights, and death with dignity-to name some passions.

Her first book, Ageless Internet – Internet Basics for Boomers and Seniors, won the 2012 Indie Excellence Award in its genre.

This year she self-published The Straightforward Internet – Your Simplified Guide to Exploring Everything from Basics to Social Media to the Deep Web, geared for Gen-Exers and everyone else who’s been reluctant to embrace all that the digital universe offers.  The Straightforward Internet earned her Indie Reader Approved status with a 4 star review.

Hale became interested in alternative health and optimal nutrition when she embarked on self-employment in 2001.  In addition to freelancing, she became a wellness consultant and has voraciously studied the work of many doctors, authors, nutritionists, and scientists since.  Her calling has revolved around helping, and sharing information that benefits others.
Hale lives in Kansas City with her husband and their extremely willful cat, Stinker.   Her 3rd book, Interview 2017, is scheduled to be published later this summer.

Amazon - The Straightforward Internet
Amazon - Ageless Internet

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