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Monday, February 5, 2018


Greece, 2017. A country on its knees due to the on-going economical crisis.
An atrocious domestic crime.
A missing billionaire.
A murder/mystery hotel with an agenda of its own.


Captain Papacosta and Lieutenant Ioli Cara are faced with the most complexed case of their careers. Stakes are high as their own, police officers Alexandro and Valentina, are trapped in the hellish hotel. Lives are on the line and the body count is on the rise. 14 guests... 13 guests... 12 guests...
Join the investigating duo on their final journey of suspense, mystery and murder across the turquoise Aegean sea.
Grab your copy of this new, highly-anticipated, wildly-acclaimed Greek Island Mystery and dive into the riveting end to the series today!
Note: The book can be read as a stand-alone.

·         From the author of the #1 bestselling murder/mystery, DEATH OF A BRIDE.
·         Follow-up to one of the best mysteries of 2016 (ReadFreely)
·         'Cyprus is proud to have such a talented writer' - CyprusMail
·         'The writer of hits' - Reporter
·         'Luke Christodoulou has done it again' - The Writer's Dungeon Book Club
·         'The Greek island setting and the colourful Greek characters are a major bonus in this well-written story.' - Amazon Reviewer
·         'A spine-chilling mystery... Real and clever...' - Goodread's Reviewer
·         'Another great book' - Reader's Gazette

About the Author
Luke Christodoulou is an author and an English teacher (MA Applied Linguistics - University of Birmingham). He is, also, a coffee-movie-book-Nutella lover. His books have been widely translated and are available in five languages.
His first book, THE OLYMPUS KILLER (#1 Bestseller - Thrillers), was released in April, 2014. The book was voted Book Of The Month for May on Goodreads (Psychological Thrillers). The book continued to be a fan favorite on Goodreads and was voted BOTM for June in the group Nothing Better Than Reading. In October, it was BOTM in the group Ebook Miner, proving it was one of the most talked-about thrillers of 2014.
The second stand-alone thriller from the series, THE CHURCH MURDERS, was released April, 2015 to widespread critical and fan acclaim. The Church Murders became a bestseller in its categories throughout the summer and was nominated as Book Of The Month in three different Goodreads groups.
DEATH OF A BRIDE was the third Greek Island Mystery to be released. Released in April, 2016 it followed in the footsteps of its successful predecessors. From its first week in release it hit the number one spot for books set in Greece. It was chosen as one of the best mysteries of 2016 by ReadFreely and was BOTM in the Goodread's group, Mysteries and Crime thrillers.
MURDER ON DISPLAY came out in 2017 and enriched the series.
Luke Christodoulou has also ventured into 'children's book land' and released 24 MODERNIZED AESOP FABLES, retelling old stories with new elements and settings. The book, also, features sections for parents, which include discussions, questions, games and activities.
He is currently working on the fifth book of his planned Greek Island Mysteries book series.
He resides in Limassol, Cyprus with his loving wife, his chatty daughter and his crazy newborn son.
Hobbies include travelling the Greek Islands discovering new food and possible murder sites for his stories. He, also, enjoys telling people that he 'kills people for a living'.