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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The One They Couldn’t Silence (The sequel to The One They Couldn’t Steal)

Having discovered she was third on a sinister, coded list of children, stolen to order over two decades ago, Amy Walker travels to Monza to meet the blood parents revealed to her in the final breath of the female gangster who snatched her.
However nothing is as it seems in north Milan and Amy will have to fight once more just to stay alive. Only one man can save her.
Detective Superintendent Needham and Detective Flowers have all but exhausted the list of children that Amy discovered with each sorry case leading to nothing. Only the details behind one final snatch remain to be discovered.
Zurich provides their last chance to unearth anything positive, could there be another Amy Walker out there; another child snatched but still alive?
Unravelling the secrets of the Khasbulatov family provide Amy’s key to unlocking the only clues to her own family. A remaining gang member in Moscow offers more clues but the bounty on Amy’s head is too big. The Moscow underworld and the Chief of Police both need to silence her. As a potential bribe presents itself, Amy realises her gamble will be with her life.

About Author

Phil Martin grew up in the creative cauldron of nineties Manchester when Madchester rocked the charts and the Hacienda ruled clubland. The city has shaped him as a writer. He writes thrillers and crime stories based on the fine folk of Manchester and Salford and sell them online as ebooks.

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Child no. 3        The One They Couldn't Steal
Female no. 2    The one They Couldn't Silence
Target no. 1     The One They Couldn't  Bury

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