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Murder is no respecter of persons…

Richard Hayward’s promotion and move from the big city life to the sleepy town of Burshill, England, has been shattered. Sir John Bury needs a murder solved.

The results of Richard’s investigation cause a ruckus when several ladies of a particular ‘class’ become part of the inquiry. As the facts begin to unfold, they not only amaze Richard, himself, and the community of Burshill, but extend all the way to the top brass of Scotland Yard.

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        “Hayward here. What’s the trouble?”
“I’m really sorry to drag you out of bed, sir, but the
Chief Constable wants to see you.”
Richard’s eyes widened. “What now?” He glanced at
his watch. “It’s past midnight. Look here. Is this some
kind of April Fool’s Day joke?”
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