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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The One They Couldn't Steal


When Amy Walker’s foster mother dies she is left all alone in her adopted world. Believing she was orphaned on a coach crash in Tuscany, she begins to search for more information about her blood parents. Her initial research tells her one thing; she wasn’t ever on that coach crash in Italy. 

Battling the grieving process, she stops at nothing to unearth exactly what they kept buried from the world. She discovers a coded list of international addresses and passport stamps, exposing lie after lie told by her foster parents. But her home is ransacked and all she is left with is one address in Morocco. 

Amy travels to the shanty towns and palaces of Casablanca where she quickly realises that her own life is very much in danger. As the clues lead her close to unearthing her truth, she disturbs it, alerting the gang to her existence. Her truth will do anything to stay hidden. 

More clues lead her back to London and a Chechen underworld, where she discovers she was third on a coded, list of stolen children. As the gang looks to silence her, Amy’s quest for knowledge turns into a battle just to stay alive. Murder follows murder. Scotland Yard links each to Amy Walker. She’s a vigilante desperate for revenge. 

For Amy, obsession has taken over. As her life descends into a whirlwind of former SAS agents, Chechen warlords and Russian hit men, she realises her quest is about so much more than just her past. The gang that took her is still in operation and ready to strike again in Barcelona.

But Child No. 3 must be silenced. Little Girl Lost must never be found

About Author

Phil Martin grew up in the creative cauldron of nineties Manchester when Madchester rocked the charts and the Hacienda ruled clubland. The city has shaped him as a writer. He writes thrillers and crime stories based on the fine folk of Manchester and Salford and sell them online as ebooks.

Find Phil Martin

Child no. 3        The One They Couldn't Steal
Female no. 2    The one They Couldn't Silence
Target no. 1     The One They Couldn't  Bury

The Attached
Killing Doves
Stripped Bare

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