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Review/Interview Policy

The usual turnaround time for review is 4-8 weeks.  I don't accept book review requests with deadlines.  However, I'm open in accepting request with deadline or for faster book review for a fee.
I post reviews on my blog, USA and UK, B&N,, Links to or notices of reviews are generally posted on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If commercial site submissions are required, please let me know when providing the novel/book.

I would appreciate author's accepting my review/interview, to post a link to my blog on their website and/or blog.

Genres accepted: Literary fiction, Thrillers, Mystery, Adventure, Suspense,  true crime, historical, poetry, humor, Christian. Genres NOT accepted: Adult, erotica, paranormal, romance, western, horror, Nonfiction genres accepted: arts, culture, biography, autobiography. No adult content, please. Books must be "family friendly", meaning free of language, gratuitous violence and sex scenes.
I only accept digital books.
If I receive a book before the publication date (an advance review copy), then I will make every effort to have the review posted prior to the release date or on any date agreed upon between myself and the author/publicist (this is subject to personal emergencies and whatnot). If no date is agreed upon then the review may post upon completion of the reading.

Any book I receive after publication date gets added to the review stack and I will get to it in the order it has been received.

To get your book reviewed just use my Interview/Review contact page.   In the email provide the name of your book, any links of where it can be purchased, your blog/website link, and a synopsis of your book unless you are fine with us using the one we find on Amazon....ETC.
My reviews are final and I will not change them for anything or anyone (with the exception of miss-spelling or miss-linking). If an author complains about a review that does not have an exception the email will be posted as a comment.

Each review is the sole opinion of the author of said review. Again each book may or may not get a great review or even a good review. Please accept this as if an author emails me about a review and it is not about a typo or miss-link then I will post the email as a comment to the review and still not change the review.

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  1. Hullo,

    I'm writing to ask if you'd consider reviewing my novel The Miseries of Mr. Sparrows (available as an Ebook and in print). This Dickensian comic mystery recounts the misadventures of a humble and hapless law clerk as he wanders the gas-lit streets of an almost-London seeking the Empire's greatest villain.  A baroquely written tragicomic, the novel had been described as "a Guinness cake with cream cheese frosting".

    Thanks for your time and considerations,



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