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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Letter from World War 11

Book summary:
What if a 70-year-old letter from World War II changed the course of your life?
While attending Valor of the ’40s, art director Stephanie Britain stumbles upon a flea market selling letters from the war. She buys a handful, hoping they’ll inspire the redesign for a client’s website at her branding and design firm. She’s at first drawn by the lost art of penmanship, but soon discovers a hidden treasure nestled inside declarations of love from homesick soldiers. Stephanie enlists a coworker to translate one and realizes it’s not a love letter after all. When a shocking discovery about a client causes Stephanie to question her principles and dedication to her firm’s business, she’s forced to make a difficult decision—one that could give her peace of mind, yet ruin her career in the process. Contemporary fiction with a historical touch, AMONG THE BRANDED explores family life, an unexpected friendship, and moral conflicts that make us wonder what’s more important: our livelihood or our beliefs.

Author Bio:
Linda Smolkin always wanted to be a writer—ever since she saw her first TV commercial and wondered how to pen those clever ads. She got her degree in journalism and became a copywriter. Linda landed a job at an ad agency, where she worked for several years before joining the nonprofit world. When not in front of the computer, she’s behind the drums (slightly) annoying her husband, son, and their 70-pound dog.

Editorial Reviews
"Perhaps the best part of this book is the wonderful friendship between Izzy and Steph, not to mention the rest of her family. While the circumstances that brought them all together are tragic, the resulting relationships are priceless. The story also gets into interesting issues of personal morality as Steph struggles with her company's client and whether she can work with him and keep a clear conscience. This is a beautiful and fascinating novel that will keep readers hooked." San Francisco Book Review, ★★★★½

"Among the Branded offers something for everyone. The book reads easily and is well-edited, and the supporting cast of characters are interesting and believable. The story of Steph and Izzy will keep the reader engaged throughout, and without giving away too much, the story reaches a satisfactory conclusion while delivering a clear message." Awesome Indies, ★★★★★

"The plot is highly engaging, and the burgeoning friendship and connection between Stephanie and Izzy is both heartwarming and intriguing. The book touches on important themes, such as the bonds of family, the overlooked horrors of history, and the lessons they can still teach us today. Linda Smolkin shows off her storytelling skills in Among the Branded, and the power and gravitas of the story make this a successful and enjoyable tale." SPR, ★★★★

"Really enjoyable; well-written, engaging, and page-turning from beginning to end." Kirsty,  The Literary Sisters
"Among the Branded is a feel good novel with a conscience. It was a quick contemporary read with a touch of the historical. The context is the Holocaust, but a big discussion throughout is whether you have a responsibility to tell your story, whatever it may be." Christina, Tomes and Tequila


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