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Ashby, Timothy                                                     Time Fall

Atwood, Christee                                                  Three Feet Under 

Azuski, William                                                    Travels in Elysium  

Blomberg, Richard                                              Terror Never Sleeps

Bond, Alma H. Dr.                                               On the Couch:Hillary Rodham Clinton

Bond, A.S.                                                             Patriot

Bowen, James                                                        Bob the Amazing Cat

Bushkin, Henry                                                     A Hard Act to Follow

Canning, David                                                     Out of the Clouds of Deceit 

Cleveland, Nicole                                                  So he Cheated Now What?

Connolly, Shirley Kiger                                       Flame from within

De Villers, Linda                                                  Simple Sexy Food

Dinallo, Greg                                                       The German Suitcase

Drew, Sheri                                                          The Beginning of Better Days

Druga, Melina                                                      Enterprising Women

Fenell, Zachary                                                    Off Balanced - A Teenage Memoir

Fox, Adam                                                            Cell Wars - The Battle for Brian

Forrest, Alistair                                                    Libertas

Foyt, Jon                                                               Marcel Proust in Taos

Fry, Patricia                                                         Cat-Eye Witness

Fry, Patricia                                                         Sleight of Paw

Fry, Patricia                                                         Mansion of Meows

Georgaklis, Helen                                                 99 things... - Before planning Retirement

Gigante-Brown, Catherine                                  The El

Gravelle, Suzanne                                                Unfinished

Gupta, Preeti                                                        I'll Put 3 Chips on God

Hakan Palm, O                                                   Surviving Hitler

Hall, Vickie                                                          Rising Sun, Falling Star

Hallock, Rick                                                      Evil Shadows

Hartner, Mike                                                     I, Walter

Hawkes, Jaclyn M.                                              Peace River 

Hickman, Tracy & Laura                             Swept up by the Sea  

Hollyday, Thomas                                               China Jewel

Hollyday, Thomas                                              Magnolia Gods

Hollyday, Thomas                                              Powerboat Racer

Hurley, Michael                                                  The Prodigal

Ingram, Judith                                                    Gratitude...It's Good for you!

Ingram, Judith                                                    A Devotional Walk with Forgiveness

Jasper, Elizabeth                                                 A Bed of Knives

JonPaul, Chloe                                                    The Business of Children

Kamm, Kurt                                                       Hazardous Material

Kamm, Kurt                                                      Tunnel Visions

Kasson, Sue                                                         99 Things...Before Getting Fit

Khadas, Gurutej                                                 The Moon She Rocks You...

Kilpak, Josie S.                                                    Baked Alaska

King, Laurie R                                                    Dreaming Spies

Kipack, Josi S.                                                     Fortune Cookie

Kim, Nadia                                                          Reflection

Kubicki, Gerald J. & Kristopher                     A Dubious Race

Kuykendall, A.K                                                Conspirator's Odyssey

LaFerney, Jeff                                                     Jumper

Land, John                                                          The Tenth Circle

Leland, Karen                                                     ...Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business

Lender, Sandy                                                     Choices Meant for Gods 

LeRoy, David                                                      The Siren of Paris

Mahone, Beverly                                                ...Without Committing Murder

Marks, Ginger                                                    Presentaional Skills for the next....

Markun, Paul                                                     The Big Disrupter

Marshall, Judith                                                Husbands May Come and Go...

Marx, Elizabeth                                                 Binding Arbitration

Mimms, John. D                                                The Tesla Gate

Moreton, David                                                  The Seed Garden

Moro, Javier                                                       The Red Sari

Morris, Marilyn                                                 Once a Brat

Morris, Marilyn                                                 Forces of Nature

Nehme, Alice                                                      A Testimonial of Insanity - The Journey Home

Oganova, Eugenia                                             Awakening the Harmony within

Owen, Marjorie                                                 Ladies of Class

Park, WR                                                           The Franciscan

Prosmushkin, Greg                                           Tequila Assassin:Malinalli Way

Rakunas, Chris                                                  Tears for the Mountain 

Rama-Hoffman, Danielle                                  The Council of Light

Rama-Hoffman, Danielle                                 The Council of Light

Robichaud, Sarah                                             99 things before...Getting Fit

Scarlet, C.J                                                        The Kindness Cure

Sears, Gale                                                         Belonging to Heaven

Seskis, Tina                                                       One Step Too Far

Simukka, Salla                                                 As White As Snow

Snowdon, David                                                The Mind of a Genius

Sokol, Connie                                                    Motherhood Matters

Springer. Ilene                                                  The Diary of an American Expatriate

Steinhauer, Rene                                              Saving Jimani

Stone, Alecia                                                     Talisman of El

Sutton, Richard                                                Sailli Tales

Talley, April                                                      David's Song

Tapley, Drew                                                     Utopian Frontiers

Targ, Russell                                                     The Reality of ESP

Thomason, Jon                                                 Max Xylander

Tingen, Patti                                                    A God for all Seasons

Trimbur, Judy Marie                                      She Thought, She Could, She Did, Healing

Vanes, Zandra & Smith. Tamu                     Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons

Vanhatten, Wendy                                           When the Cat Speaks...Listen

Weeks, Hilary                                                  The Power of Positive Thinking

Welch, David                                                    Stop the Insanity Target 2014

White, Karey                                                   My Own Mr. Darcy

Wilson, Sariah                                                 The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back

Wreford, Michael                                            Kill with a Borrowed Knife

Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen 

The fact that Laura Clayton is about to die comes as no surprise - in fact we are told that it will happen right from the beginning of LADIES OF CLASS. The reason for her death however is not clear. Laura has lived in the English village of Burshill for thirty years. Widowed for five years, she is a pillar of the community, highly regarded by the vicar and his wife, and an old friend of the Chief Constable. She shouldn't have had an enemy in the world, but her death proves that she did. When two more women die, both of whom knew Laura, then the police need to look for more links.

Newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector Richard Hayward broke his leg, not in the course of his duties, but by slipping on a patch of ice. So his mother Ella is helping him move into his new house at Burshill. The Chief Constable requests that Richard make an early return to work to take on the Laura Clayton case. Richard's New Zealand born wife Kate has gone home to visit her sick father and Ella becomes his sounding board in an increasingly complex and tricky case.

LADIES OF CLASS is written very much in the style of the village cosy, with many of the hallmarks of Golden Age writing. Despite the fact that three deaths occur in quick succession, they are presented in that peculiarly flat, almost bloodless, style characteristic of the period. Dialogue dominates the structure of the novel, and the author tends to underline the importance of certain events and statements, presumably to ensure that we don't miss their significance.

For me there were things that didn't quite work given the period of the setting, which I thought was the late 1960s. Long distance telephone calls have to be booked, in keeping with the times, while long distance aeroplane journeys seem to be accomplished in very short time. The author's attempt to render cockney speech verbatim was just a little irritating too, but she attempted it, thankfully, with just one character.

Despite these minor annoyances, the plot is well woven, the characters carefully drawn, and there was just enough to trouble "the little grey cells." There are plenty of readers who will find this a satisfying read. [...]

An Empty Sky by Marjorie Owen

 A story of love and love lost extending back in time to World War 11. A picture discovered forms many images and memories that cause pain and joy to several people. One of them may have psychic inclinations towards the picture. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’
Money is no object. She can have anything she wants. But when it comes to one picture in particular, her husband forbids her to buy it. Why does he hate the picture? Her love for someone else during the days of World War 11 are somehow coming back to haunt them both. Is she psychic and does not know it? A friend steps in to help solve the mystery of the picture and maybe her marriage.

Happily Ever After by Marjorie Owen

 A woman left on her own in mid life has to make some life changing decisions. As a wife and mother with no career, there seems no answer to her crisis. This is a story about family dynamics and romance. When her husband died so suddenly, leaving his affairs in such a muddle, and it dawned on everybody there was absolutely nothing left, what alternative was there but to accept her son’s invitation to make her home with him? A woman in her forties with no skills, no training, and no experience, there seemed no other way out.
What choices does she have?



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