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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Review of "Ladies of Class" by Krista at Coffee Time Romance

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Early 2008 Vintage Romance Publishing107 Clearview Circle Goose Creek, SC 29445 Hard cover 227 pages Murder Mystery Rating: 4 cups Laura Clayton is a woman settling into being a widow. Her life is filled with her son and spending time with her friends in town. She has no idea that someone has a vendetta against her. At Christmas, she thought she saw an old friend, but decided it was only her imagination. After all, she had lost contact with many of people in her life and does not expect to ever see this person again. She sees no reason to take precautions, but it will all be over before she knows it. Richard Hayward is known for the unconventional methods he uses to solve cases. It seems to him that he is always being lectured that he should be more careful, but that does not keep him from doing things the way he feels they need to be done. He is at loose ends since his wife went to New Zealand to take care of her father. Richard loves her and misses her terribly. He has no idea how busy he will become very soon. Murder in Burshill is very rare and becomes a puzzle when the victim is
a sweet old lady who has not harmed anyone. There is no evidence of robbery robbery as a motive because her purse is left intact. Richard is determined to solve the murder even especially since the Chief Constable, Sir John Bury is onto him to solve the case quickly. It does not help that Sir John was a close friend of the deceased. Richard feels there is more than meets the eye on this one. If only he can solve it and quickly before anyone else is killed.Ms. Owens weaves a tale of suspense that keeps you hanging. Richard will pull out all the stops to find the truth and suspecting a trusted official will be the least of his problems. The connection between Mrs. Clayton and the murderer is one that is very surprising. I had no idea who committed the crime. This one will leave you guessing until the very end. Krista Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books