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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Patricia Guthrie - In the Arms of the Enemy

Welocme to Patricia Guthries's Virtual Book Tour for In the Arms of the Enemy

1) Patricia, tell us more about your love of animals, in particular horses and how this has influenced your writing?I’ve always had a love of horses and since I became an adult, I’ve had as many as my village would allow. I’ve had horses for about twenty years. I started with an Arabian, then went through several thoroughbreds, to my lovely and favorite quarter horses. I love their temperament. Horses were the focus of my first book, which probably will never see the light of day (I have three novels like that) Then I moved away from them, until In the Arms of the Enemy. That seemed to work. How the horses influenced my writing? I had such fun day dreaming up scenes with the horses. Think about annoying little habits that Jackson and Socks had. A few are in the book. I haven’t used the escape artist’s yet, but I’m sure I will. LOL 2) Have you or do you plan to write a book inspired by your four Collies?There is a collie in my next novel “Waterlilies Over My Grave” due out this spring. She helps catch the bad guys. I am thinking about a story that would incorporate all three of them. I haven’t figured out how, yet. What are some of the sources that gave you the ideas for this mystery? The seed was formed years before I started writing. A scandal erupted after the candy heiress Helen Brach disappeared. Horses were being murdered for insurance money. And that meant mega-bucks. One theory is that they think she knew what was going on and was about to expose them. I PUT IT INTO THE BACK OF MY MIND, UNTIL IT POPPED OUT A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, AND I DECIDED TO WRITE AGOUT IT. 3) Do you write a plot or outline before you start your writing?I outline before I start a novel. I get the story idea then write a short synopsis, figure out my themes and the basic premise for the novel. Then I think the story , before I break it down into outline chapters. No, the finished story isn’t always like the original outline. 4) Have there been any Authors in particular, that inspired the writing of this story?No authors inspired this story. Many authors have inspired my writing though. Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Linda Howard, Janet Evanovich, Joanna Wayne, Mary Higgins Clark, Stella Cameron and those are just the ones I can think of off hand. Oh Laura Hillenbrand who wrote Seabiscuit.. 5) What makes this book special to you? Several things come to mind. The setting: the barn where most of the story takes place is the barn where I keep my horse, Jackson. Jackson reminds me so much of “Bluebird” in the story. The inn where a kidnapping takes place is from an embellished version of a real inn and I love Lake Michigan where the inn is located. I also love Maggie, maybe because she’s doing what I dreamed of doing when I was a child. 6) Tell us about the positive aspects of writing In the Arms of the Enemy?Hunting several of the locations for the story. Researching by talking to people. Riding the prototypes for some of the horses in the story. Running into a woman who reminded me so much of Maggie. Then looking for actor prototypes for my characters is always fun. I envisioned Nicole Kidnman as Maggie. 7) What were the negative experiences, if any?I think learning the real history of those terrible events that took place years ago and seeing some horsemen I’d known indicted and sent to jail. That put a chill up my spine. 8) How did you choose the cover for the book?I didn’t choose the cover. The publisher did that. Both the front and the back are nostalgic. The front cover was a tribute to a special horse named Cody, a champion Champaign stallion owned by Bonny Kirby from Texas. The back cover is me sitting on Shotgun Socks a quarter horse gelding and the love of my love. He passed away in the Fall of 2006. So both covers are tributes. I could have had racehorses instead, but both of us, being sentimental decided to go with our own animals. 9) Do you have any tips that you would like to share for promoting your book?Main thing is to get your name out there in every way you can. Try getting book signings at your local book stores. Take one of Nikki’s virtual blog tours. Join online Chapters of national or international writing websites like Romance Writers of American, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America. Have your own website and blogspots and keep them up. Invite people to come and share short stories that you can post. Post your own short stories. Networking is probably the main thing. And keep up with everyone. Look for review magazines for your genre and follow their submission guidelines. The internet is a great resource. If you have more questions, feel free to ask. Patricia A. Guthrie"In the Arms of the Enemy." (Light Sword Publishing)Dedicated to those horses lost to man's inhumanity and greedand to those humanitarians who's mission is to save and protect,
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Light Sword Publishing announces the release of Patricia A. Guthrie’s first published novel “In the Arms of the Enemy.”
When the death of a racing stable’s prize horse and his trainer is blamed on the stable’s owner; his son, Adam Blakely, goes undercover convinced that the trainer’s partner, Maggie McGregor, is the killer.
Determined to leave the tumultuous world of horse racing, Maggie returns home to try and find peace. When a handsome horse owner moves his horse into her father’s boarding stable and asks Maggie to train his horse, family finances dictate that Maggie accept--and that’s when the accidents begin.
Drowning in deception and lies, Maggie and Adam search for a killer and uncover an insurance scam so insidious, it threatens to rock a horse racing empire and bring the killer to their doorstep. They need to learn to:
Keep your friends close; but your enemies closer.
Review magazine "Affaire de Coeur" says, "With a strong mystery and a sizzling romance, Ms. Guthrie captivates readers from the start. This is an enjoyable thriller with a plot that will keep you guessing until the climactic end.”
* * * * * Rated five stars
Patricia A. Guthrie is a resident of Park Forest, Illinois. A recently retired music teacher from the Chicago Public Schools (May Community Academy and Chicago Vocational Community Academy) and former opera singer, Author Patricia A. Guthrie is now an avid horse owner, dog obedience trainer and writer. Ms. Guthrie lives with three feisty collies who act as “ghost writers” and help her write at every given opportunity.
This story is dedicated to those horses lost to man’s greed and inhumanity and to those humanitarians whose mission is to save and protect them.
In the Arms of the Enemy By Patricia A. Guthrie
For much more information about Patricia Guthrie and In the Arms of the Enemy, please visit her virtual book tour home page -


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