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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Sirens of Paris 

Promotional Book Tour, Review and Interview for David LeRoy’s Debut Novel:

The Siren of Paris
The Siren of Paris is a historical fiction novel inspired by the events of occupied France during World War II.  David LeRoy’s research of the German invasion and occupation in France is impressive and lucid throughout the book. The story revolves around the life and experiences of an American; opening with his days as a student in the USA and France to his internment as a political prisoner of war.

Marc’s journey began before the outbreak of war in 1939.  A broken relationship spurs him to leave the USA, abandon his medical studies, and voyage to the land of his birth, France.  Marc forms many friendships on the transatlantic crossing destined for France.  On his arrival in Paris and commencement at Art school, he realizes things are not as expected.  The signs that war is looming becomes clear.  Americans are encouraged to leave France but Marc chooses to stay.  His life becomes convoluted as the war progresses.  He works for the American Ambassador, meets Hitler, attempts to escape from France, and joins the resistance. 

The Story tells of friendship, love, betrayal, guilt and forgiveness.  The vivid imagerythat David paints with his word captures the meaning of the war and experiences ofthe characters.  LeRoy’s story starts with Marc in death looking down on his own burial service watching the events of his life.  As his past flashes by souls that emerge from French graveyards interrupt Marc.  The ghosts represent all who died from the sinking of the RMS Lancastria on which Marc was attempting to make his escape from France.
The author has successfully employed flashback in time throughout the book.  As the story progresses the reader can understand how Marc’s past experiences are an important part of the present.  Marc’s recollections fall into place as the layers of his life experiences throughout the war unfold. I highly recommend the book as poignant, compelling, and provocative.  The book provides an excellent historical chronicle of life during World War II in France and the importance of the Resistance.

Author David LeRoy has drawn from his own background and interests in this his first novel.  David has a bachelor of arts in philosophy and religion and studied art in France in 2010.  During David’s time in France he became interested in and researched the French Resistance of World War II.  Through his research David discovered the Americans involvement with the Resistance and how difficult escape was during the war.

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