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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Books by Chantal Bellehumeur

Welcome to my blog Chantal.  Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about yourself, and your books.

Q. Tell us about your latest worktitle, genre, etc. and why you wrote it?

A.  My fantasy novel Sdrawkcab was written for my pre-teen son.  It started off with me having a weird dream and needing to write it down, and the next think I knew I had an outline for a story that really interested my son.  We kind of worked on it together.  I would write the draft of a chapter and read it to him in exchange for his opinion from a child’s perspective. It was a fun project, and my son was very happy to see the book in print.  I published other books before, but the content was too mature for him.

Q   What draws you to your genre(s)? Why is this type of story compelling to you?
A.  I write a bit of everything, but horror is more me in the sense that this is what people expected me to write.  I have always been a Halloween freak and turn my apartment into a haunted house each October.  I love Scary or suspenseful movies and my reading interests are the same.  But, you will sometimes find me reading or watching something more girly.  I have written romance and a few feel good stories.  I basically just write when inspiration hits me.  Sometimes I will get inspired my life events or a picture.

Q.  What is your writing process like? Do you map the whole thing out or do you just let it unfold?
A.  I often just write an idea down and see what happens with it.  For my novels, I would write out a basic outline.  Sometimes it would change, but it is good to have a general idea of were your story is going to begin with.

Q.   What kind of research was involved in writing your book?
A.   When I wrote Just.Another.Common.Killer, I had to do a lot of research on Jack the Ripper because, although my book is a work of fiction, I wanted to get the factual parts right.  I also had to do a bit of research on serial killers in general to be able to portray the one I created as realistic as possible.  

Q.   How much of YOU makes it into your characters?
A.   Most of my main characters kind of start off as me and then I change them physically and modify the personality to fit my story.  Even Jack, from Just.Another.Common.Killer has similarities to me!  (Not the torturing or killing parts, I can assure you!  I am not a cannibal either.)

Q.   How do you balance the need to have time to write with the needs of family, society, etc.?
A.   It is pretty hard.  The only time I can write is in the evening, when my son is asleep or on weekends when he is at a friends.  Otherwise, I get too distracted and can’t concentrate.  Writing a first draft is not so bad, but when I need to focus on polishing up my stories and adding more to them I need silence.

Q.   Have there been any authors in particular, that inspired your writing?
A.   Not really.  As a rule, I won’t read a book when I am working on a story because I don’t want another author’s writing style to unconsciously creep into mine. 

Q.   Is there a story you want to tell behind or about your work(s)?
A.   Although, some of my novels and stories were inspired by facts or true events in my life, they are ALL works of fiction.  Even my novel Hope, which I wrote to make my family and friends understand what it is like to live with Colitis (Which I was diagnosed with in 2009), is a fictional story.

Q.  What other projects are you currently working on or about to start?
A.  I started writing short stories for The Suburban`s Online Magazine.  My story «A Mother’s Love» was recently published in the April 26 issue.  «A Father’s promise» should be published in June.  People can read the stories by going to and clicking the magazine tab.

Q.  What would be the top five, (or 3 or 1 or however many) things you would tell aspiring authors?
A.   Always have writing material with you, in case an idea pops up.  Do writing exercises regularly, even if it is just keeping a journal.  Let at least one person read the work you want published because you may see what you think you wrote not what you actually wrote when you read your own work.  Plus, it helps to get opinions.

Again, thanks Chantal for taking the time to share your knowledge with us. We appreciate you and your work.
Good luck with your current and future publications.

For more information: 
Book titles: Veronica`s Soap Opera Life, Veronica's Attempt at Romance, Veronica's Happily Ever After, Just.Another.Common.Killer, Thirteen-A Compilatin of Short Stories, Sdrawkcab.
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