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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul - Excerpt 5

Through Danielle Rama Hoffman’s advanced spiritual work with Thoth, she was introduced to the Council of Light—an intergalactic group of thousands of light beings from across the Multiverse. Their purpose is to support individuals as they shift into Unity Consciousness and return to their natural state of joy. The Council transmitted the teachings in this book for those seeking to accelerate their journey toward health, wealth, happiness, and their soul’s deepest desires. Order today and receive an array of valuable gifts

A Written Exercise to Manifest the Deepest Desires of Your Soul

Written Exercise: Exploration of the Deepest Desires of the Soul.
We would like to complete this segment with a writing exercise. What is it that you would like to connect to in this moment that would totally realize the deepest desires of your soul?
Once you have your paper, pen, or computer and keyboard ready call upon the Love Ray. You may do the same exercise that we did in the beginning of connecting to your heartbeat, connecting to your pituitary gland, connecting to the base of your spine, calling upon the Love Ray and letting it build a pathway and the spiral of ascension and descension. Call upon the Love Ray; when you feel that you’ve connected and you have an awareness that you feel a greater sense of harmony or a greater sense of peace, ask to connect to your soul and to communicate to your soul. The Love Ray is creating a deeper interconnectedness, a oneness to your soul and the consciousness that your soul has. Then ask, “What are the deepest desires of my soul?”
Spend a few moments writing about the deepest desires of your soul. Maybe this is in longhand or maybe it comes out as a list. Spend about ten minutes with this and in the last couple of minutes, if you can, create a list or a sentence that really embodies for you the deepest desires of your soul.
The reason that we’re recommending that you don’t spend tons of time on this is because when you’re in this interconnectedness with the soul it just comes quickly; you can trust that what comes through is what you’re wanting to know at this time. Once you have your written form you may want to put it on a different piece of paper. Then imagine that you are calling upon the Love Ray and that you’re dropping units of the Love Ray onto this piece of paper, and that that is a process of manifestation. It’s disintegrating anything that is creating a lack of connection between you and what it is that you’re choosing to have in your life, and that it is also amplifying your vibration to be in the high vibration of that which you would choose.
Excerpt from The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul By Danielle Rama Hoffman
© Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.