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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Council of Light - Excerpt 6

The Emerald Ray Be You Full On to Create the Life You Imagine
As we, the Council of Light, are moving into the Emerald Ray and inviting you to connect to the Emerald Ray, to the You Ray, we are asking that you expand your awareness to your multidimensional level of you and your you-ness. Think about your thumb and how your thumb has a unique print. Your thumbprint, your fingerprint, is completely unique. As you look at your thumb you do not see all of the individual lines that make up your fingerprint, but if you were to put your thumb in some ink and then put it on the paper you could see the individual lines. This is an example of your life. Your life is the ink; your life is the paper that illuminates and makes visible your unique essence and who you are. You could look at yourself and see your thumb in isolation, yet it is through the living of your life and the reflection of your experiences that you truly identify and express the nuances of you. They illuminate the nuances of you.
            The most potent thing that you can do during the changing times on the Earth is to simply be you. This tool is the most important tool to apply at this time. Yet we are saying that being you is a complex thing. It is not necessarily something that you can consciously identify, yet you being you is available from the lines of your multidimensional awareness. There is an aspect of you that knows you. We invite you tune into that part of you that knows, to tune into that larger aspect of you, the light that comes through the light, the flashlight, and ask the part of you that knows to allow more of who you are to shine through into your awareness on every level of your being. Ask that part of you to shine through not just in your conscious awareness but also through all of your subtle senses and beyond.
We are asking the part of you that knows to illuminate, to turn on, to amplify who you are. This process is a hookup to your own energy and to your own essence in a way that is expanded. You may feel a richness, a plumping up, an expansion, a fullness of who you are almost like a dimmer switch that has been turned from low to bright, or a balloon that was empty but now is filled and expanded taking up its full space. Part of what is happening is that there are aspects of you that are coming forward at this time to be more pronounced and shared in your life and on the Earth plane. You may think of it as one line in your thumbprint that is taking more of your attention or becoming more prominent and expanded in some way.

            “Who am I?” is one of the most classically pondered questions. “Why am I here? Who are you? Why are you here?” These questions can be maddening to attempt to answer. They can also be exhilarating to attempt to answer, yet for now, rather than focusing on the understanding of who you are, and the expression of that in a purpose, we are boosting or amping up your essence, your signature energy, in relation to where you come from.
If you are a snowflake, we are plumping up this snowflake and making it larger. If you are a beautiful flower, it is opening more. It does not matter who you are or why you are here in this moment, the innate wisdom of your essence is within you. There is something that is so unique about you that it is easily recognizable to others. They feel your presence in a very powerful and potent way.
Energetic Exercise: Amplify Your Signature Energy
We will spend a few moments in silence and invite you to connect to the Emerald Ray and in your own way expand your unique you-ness, your essence, and your signature energy. Allow. Breathe. Feel yourself immersed in the supportive, powerful, and loving energy of the Emerald Ray.
            Now we would like you to visualize that you are sitting on a set of bleachers and that you are in the seat in the row of bleachers that indicates your age. If you are thirty years old, then there are twenty-nine empty rows in front of you. If you look behind you there are more empty rows of bleachers as place holders representing your future.
Imagine symbolically that the energy of your conception is on the first bleacher and your one-year-old essence is on the first bleacher. The first bleacher is one, the second bleacher is two, then three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and so it is that the chronological ages of your past are on the other bleachers up until the row where you are now.
The reason for doing it this way is because sometimes there are aspects from childhood that are not fully integrated in relation to essence or signature energy. We are not speaking about trauma, pain, or things related to that. It is only your essence as a one-year-old, your essence as a two-year-old, your essence as a three-year-old, your essence as four-year-old, your essence as a five-year-old, your essence as a six-year-old, and seven, and seven to ten, and ten to twenty, and twenty to thirty, and thirty to forty, and forty to fifty and so on that you are connecting to.
You can also integrate with the future essence of you. One of the beauties of being you for a longer period of time is that in some cases you have the opportunity to express more of who you are or to show underexpressed areas even more fully. Allow through your intention the power of the essence of you throughout all time and space to be connected, unified, to come into harmony, a state of peace and alignment. Align with you throughout all time and space.
There could also be bleachers for past lives, yet we are specifically focusing on you in this lifetime: your personality, your being, and your experiences, because this is the life that you are living now. Past lives are interesting, they have connection, they are touchstones, and they are part of you and your origin. Yet what is important in this moment and for the purpose of our intention together is this particular lifetime and the unique expression of your essence.
Imagine now that the bleacher is a spiral and that you are in the center of it. See all of these expressions of your essence in a spiral in and around you in a fluid way. You are not static; you are organic and you are moving. You may be expressing one aspect of you more in one moment than in another moment.
            In this next segment set your intention to amp up you, your essence, and your signature energy even more. Take ten seconds to do this and set your intention to turn on your essence, your unique energy, and your signature energy as much as comfortably possible.
You can move with it. You can turn it on all the way now and adjust it if you desire or need to. Take the next ten seconds to do that: one, you are becoming more of you, three, even more you, five, seven, nine, ten. Stabilizing, stabilizing, stabilizing, stabilizing, stabilizing.
As we are stabilizing this turned-on, full-on, vibrating you, think about something that you are passionate about. Think about something that really excites you, that really gets your juices flowing, and you find incredibly yummy. As you are focusing on that which brings you passion, that which you are passionate about, that which turns you on, that which amplifies the natural juiciness of your system, notice how that expands your essence and your signature energy. It is like fuel for your being-ness.
As we are continuing this, we will speak for a moment about the aura or the electromagnetic field and the energy body in terms of your personal space and your territory. As you have been connecting the Emerald Ray and turning your essence up, you have expanded into a larger territory; you have gotten bigger. Allow your aura, electromagnetic field, personal energy, and territory that you occupy to become bigger and to correspond with the you that you are expressing now.
Take all the time you would like expanding your aura to be current with the full expression of you. When you feel complete with this process take a couple of deep breaths, move and stretch your body, and when you feel ready gently return to this time and space.
Excerpt from The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul By Danielle Rama Hoffman
© Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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