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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Council of Light - Excerpt 7

The Peace Ray will create a sense of peace for you, especially if you are a person who is sensitive and empathic. It naturally sorts out what is yours and what is not. If you have tended to be reclusive or introverted, or get overwhelmed in large crowds, bright lights, noise, traffic, or family, then you will find that with the Peace Ray you are able to go into these situations and not feel the imprint and the impact of other people’s energies. A good practice for you to develop before going into any of these situations would be to focus on one of the vertebra in your spine and illuminate the Peace Ray until it feels strong. It creates a bubble around you that is strong and peaceful.
Let go of the Illusion of Separation (Struggle)
We have alluded to illusion as being about the collective consciousness and the belief that struggle is necessary in order to have a drastic improvement in the areas of health, wealth, harmony, prosperity, and love. There are other collective illusions, such as time and space, and there are individual illusions as well. The Ray of Peace creates a bubble that is illusion free and illusion proof.
Support Exercise: Identifying Illusions
            Spend a few moments in the Peace Ray without thinking and notice what illusions are holding you back from that which you desire. Pay particular attention to your spiritual evolution, your sense of enlightenment or transcendence, and become aware of any thoughtforms or beliefs that you might be carrying. Some of these thoughtforms might be, “Who am I to be an enlightened being? What is so special about me? How could I achieve something that generations have wanted to achieve? Only a small percentage of beings are truly enlightened.” Allow whatever illusions come to your mind to be absorbed into the Peace Ray. Give yourself permission to move into greater alignment and remembering with your already enlightened self. Take all the time that you would like with this process.
            There is a belief that there is something particularly special about the people who are in a spiritually evolved state and that there are not many people who are. This is a part of the illusion, which, if dissected, could be based on the time and space continuum or on the historical fact of this lifetime. Yet if we were to look at civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Mu, Lemuria, or a particular part of the timing of Atlantis, those are examples where transcendence and enlightenment were experienced by many—not just a select few. This time on Earth is conducive for many people to awaken and to be in spiritual union, as it is the definition of this time to have a sense of unity consciousness.
There are some key components to getting to enlightenment, but the thought that you cannot be enlightened is a part of the illusion. The truth is that enlightenment is a memory that is within you. It is a part of your divine lineage and your being-ness. It is awakening and you are hearing the call and your inner desire to have that sense of union, expanded awareness, and awakened consciousness.
Excerpt from The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul By Danielle Rama Hoffman
© Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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