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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dawn Carrington, Editor-in-Chief, Vinspire Publishing

I would like to introduce our wonderful publisher who has worked so hard on Mum's first book Ladies of Class.  Dawn helped me through the process of trying to edit Mum's work, doing a lot of the work herself.  Advising me on how to write the acknowledgements, cover and back page.  The artist at Vinspire Publishing created a beautiful first cover from my initial ideas and subsequently an even lovely cover!  Ladies of Class was published 2008.

Mum’s second book The Poison Pen is to be published April 30th 2014, the sequel to Ladies of Class. Dawn and her staff have again worked so hard in making this publication possible.
Thank you Dawn and staff at Vinspire Publishing.

Please read this interesting interview with Dawn by Delia Latham, a very talented author with Vinspire Publishing. 

Note: This interview is from the March/April edition of my ( Delia Latham) newsletter, Brushing Wings.

I’m pleased to welcome Dawn Carrington, owner and editor-in-chief of Vinspire Publishing—the publishing company that made my novel, Goldeneyes, a reality. I’ve written several books since Goldeneyes, and hopefully my writing skills have improved with each one, but I will always think of that one as the book of my heart, and I’ll always be grateful to Dawn for making it happen.
Welcome, Dawn! I know you’re crazy busy, and I appreciate your willingness to visit with me—and all the Brushing Wings subscribers. I usually introduce an inspirational author in each edition of this newsletter. But variety is the spice of life, to use a cliché. I’m also interested in how things look on the other side of the writing industry, and I’m sure others are as well. So let’s talk about that.

First, give us the lowdown on Vinspire Publishing. How did it come to be? What prompted you to start a publishing company?
I, along with three partners, began what was then called Vintage Romance Publishing in

2003. We didn’t launch until February 14, 2004. We all four came from very different backgrounds. Two of us were already published in fiction, one was a poet, and the other a customer service specialist. We were all friends and unique women that brought something special to the drawing board.

Ebooks weren’t really all that popular yet in 2003, but my partners and I had an interest in getting into the digital arena because I had already been published electronically. I can’t think of one aha moment. It was more a series of “let’s think about doing this” that finally became “let’s do this.”

Those well-thought-out, slow “processes,” are usually most successful.

As I mentioned before, I’m aware that you lead a very busy life. Take us through a day in the life of an indie publisher.

Unfortunately, there is no typical day, but here are a few things that can occur over the course of the week, and this is not just what I do. This is what takes place with our staff as well.

The morning usually starts in a rush of e-mails, putting out fires, so to speak. Then it begins.

Returning phone calls. Negotiating contracts. Approving cover art. Working on the website. Editing. Proofreading. Marketing. Publicity. Networking. Streamlining. Thinking outside the box. An occasional lunch. Graphic design. Reading incoming manuscripts. Preparing contract packages. Working on ad spots. Writing guest posts for blogs (like this one!). Print layouts for paperbacks. Royalties. Updating the budget. Updating numerous spreadsheets that house our author contact information, royalty rates, contract expirations, and more.

As I said, there is no typical day, and not all of the above happens every day, but I can tell you it’s always interesting. Usually, there is work being done around the clock. Thankfully, I’m not the middle-of-the-night person who’s working!



  1. Great job, Dee! By the way, I love the cover for Poison Pen!

  2. Thanks Delia. It's great isn't it...all thanks to Dawn and staff.


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