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Friday, March 28, 2014

Now Available in E Book

The Poison Pen by Marjorie Owen

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About the Book

There’s never a dull moment for the employees of Walls Department Store in the small town of Burshill, England.  Detective Chief Inspector Richard Hayward and his wife Kate just returned from a second honeymoon in Paris, discovers that life is not going to be as quiet and easy at the station as he would like.  Once again, DCI Hayward’s expertise is called upon to solve the most heinous crimes committed in the once sleepy little town.
Who would believe what was happening behind the doors of the old fashioned, hundred year old store.  Innocent shoppers have no clue, as they browse and buy, of the murderous intent that exists in some of the staff.  Yet the people in the store and town are soon to discover the extraordinary lengths those who have secrets will go to hide them.

About the Author 

Marjorie Grace Patricia Bridget Owen.

          Was born on September 11th 1911 in England and endured the bombardment of World War II. She was born out-of-wedlock with an Irish Lord for a father and a Russian princess as her mother. Although her life before working is somewhat sketchy, her career, as a major London department store clothing buyer, was long and interesting.  Members of the Royal family were amongst some of her more famous clients.  Marjorie found time to write many short stories and four novels ranging from romance to mystery.  She did not attempt to publish any of her writings.  We can only surmise that she wrote for the joy and did not wish to seek out any recognition or fame.
          Marjorie passed away on March 28th 2004, after a very full life, at the age of ninety-three.

A few of Mum’s stories were accepted for publishing by online magazines and were published without pay.  But exposure is important. The first book of Mum’s was published in March 2008.  “Ladies of Class” at Vintage Romance Publishing.  Mum’s second book, ‘The Poison Pen’, sequel to ‘Ladies of Class’ is to be published April 30th 2014.   We are really happy and hope that both books will be a success and lead to further books and stories being published. The blog for Mum’s writings is

                                            The Poison Pen Snippet
“The thing is, sir, we’ve had a murder!”
“Well, don’t sound so disgustingly pleased about it.” Richard reproved him. For a fleeting moment he recalled a conversation he’d had with a Scotland Yard friend of his a few months previously. They’d just solved a murder case in Burshill—the first for many years in the town—and Richard had said life would seem very tame to his young sergeant.
Geoffrey Breed had commented that wherever Richard was trouble followed. It looked as if the chap was right. 


I was asked to review "The  Poison  Pen" by Marjorie Owen, and it is a shame that the author will never know that I enjoyed her mystery story as I am sure many others will too.  I only found out after finishing the well written intrigue that Marjorie has passed away, and like me simply wrote as a pass time.   She had talent and I am sure that if she were alive today she would be very happy to see her work in print.  She definitely  would have something to be proud of.  I am glad that her novel is being made available (don't worry, permission to publish was given during her last will and testament) and recommend it to anyone who likes light mysteries.  I found the romantic side story interesting as well.

I rate this book 5  out of 5
Chantal Bellehumeur

I just spent four evenings with “The Poison Pen,” a Richard Hayward Mystery and I have to say it was an enjoyable read. What a ride, and what a tangled web of clues! Everyone loves a good mystery and this one certainly kept me wondering. The cast of characters are real and, for the most part, fascinating. The author knows how to create an aura of interest around each and every one. You either like them or not. Oh yes, the way this story and the characters are presented certainly evoke emotion.
I especially like the way the author weaves a light-hearted, humorous thread through this complex and multifaceted murder mystery. The perfect book to read over a rainy weekend or a day on the beach.
5 Stars
Patricia Fry

This follow-up to Marjorie Owen’s debut novel “Ladies of Class” takes us back to the fictional village of Burshill and lets us continue the tales of Dectective Chief Inspector Richard Hayward, fresh from his recent case. DCI Hayward literally steps back from vacation with his attractive wife Kate into investigating a curious death at the local department store. Was the death of manager Mr. Berwick a suicide or murder? Who would have wanted to kill such a non-descript man? As DCI Hayward peels back the layers of the case, taking only brief moments out to check on his pregnant wife, and to keep tabs on the burgeoning romance between her sister and his own assistant Jim Findon, he discovers that Mr. Berwick may not have been as mild-mannered as originally thought and that the shop itself holds many secrets.

I reveled in this throwback to an era where a mystery needed to be solved using wit over Wikipedia and good old sensibility over social media. Sit back with a cup of brewed tea and enjoy. 
5 Stars

Barbara Oliverio