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Saturday, August 16, 2014

#CatsforK8 Fundraiser Book Sale

As a cat lover, person who has been owned by 5 cats, volunteer for the SASG (Stray Animal Support Group) feeding cat colonies here in Malta, I am pleased to share this fundraiser for my fellow cat and dog friend, Kate Tilton.  Kate has been working hard selling books to raise money for the Rozzie May Animal Alliance.  Please see the information below, go on over to Kate’s website, buy a few books, make a donation, and help our four legged, furry friends.
Many thanks from Book Readers.

Check out this great book sale for charity by Kate Tilton (
You can get books for just $5 and help support the Rozzie May Animal Alliance! 

Here are some details about the sale:
Sale benefits the Rozzie May Animal Alliance. Rozzie May is dedicated to reducing the number of homeless and unwanted animals by offering low-cost spay/neuter clinics for cats and dogs.

Sale closes August 21st. All books to be shipped at the latest August 22nd.
Minimum donation of $5 for all book purchases please (to cover the shipping costs).
Sale is for US only but all are welcome to donate. (Edit: International orders are okay if you are     willing to pay the extra in shipping or have a US address.)
When books are purchased they will be struck out.
All proceeds of the sale (and any extra donations) will be donated directly to the Rozzie May   Animal Alliance.

To see all the books up for sale go to