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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Press Release - Keep Watch

Marjorie's books 'Ladies of Class' and 'The Poison Pen' are soon to be released as a 'Book Bundle' by Vinspire Publishing.

August 5th 2014.
Posthumously Published Books Honor Author
Ladies of Class and The Poison Pen by Marjorie Owen
50 Year Anniversary
Approximately fifty years ago Marjorie Owen decided she wanted to try her hand at writing a book.  She sat down with a pad of legal size, yellow paper and began writing on both sides.  The result was her first murder mystery book ‘Ladies of Class’ followed by a sequel book ‘The Poison Pen’.  Both books feature Detective Chief Inspector Richard Hayward of Burshill Constabulary.  Hayward has the exceptional ability to solve crimes that are generally a puzzle to his colleagues in the police force.
Marjorie found time to write many short stories and four novels ranging from romance to mystery during her lifetime.  She did not attempt to publish any of her writings and did not tell anyone including family of her writings.  We can only surmise that she wrote for the joy and did not wish to seek out any recognition or fame.
When Marjorie passed away at the age of 93 her son and daughter-in-law found the books and stories and sort publication of the first book.!ladies-of-class/c1smk   accepted and published ‘Ladies of Class’ in 2008.  At the beginning of 2014!the-poison-pen/c22uc published the sequel, ‘The Poison Pen’.
Readers of her books have expressed great enthusiasm for Marjorie’s ability to write about an era where a mystery needed to be solved using wit.
Ladies of Class – Review
“Marjorie Owen delivers a nice piece of old fashioned detective work… I liked it because it gave thought to those really good detective movies that used to play on TV.” - Dyanne Doezz Reviewer for ‘The Romance Studio’
The Poison Pen - Review
“I reveled in this throwback to an era where a mystery needed to be solved using wit over Wikipedia and good old sensibility over social media. Sit back with a cup of brewed tea and enjoy.” - Chantal Bellehumeur  Author and Book Reviewer.
As an avid reader Dee Owen(daughter-in-law) became fascinated with Marjorie’s stories and books. All her writings were hand written on legal size paper or note books and on both sides of the paper.  After reading a few, she was hooked and decided to attempt, the monumental task of transcribing them to computer.  The first book of Marjorie’s  was published in March 2008.  “Ladies of Class” at  Mum’s second book, ‘The Poison Pen’, sequel to ‘Ladies of Class’ was published by Vinspire April 30th 2014.  Dee started a blog in 2008 Book Readers a place for those who still love to have a book in their hands to share and discuss books, author interviews, reviews, and ideas.  Read more at

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