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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty

The Red Sari by Javier Moro

Book Description
A transfixing novel about the Nehru-Gandhi family, told through the story of Sonia Gandhi, an Italian from modest origins who becomes one of the world’s most powerful women

In 1965 Sonia Maino, a nineteen-year-old Italian student, meets a young Indian man named Rajiv Gandhi. She is the daughter of a humble family near Turin; he comes from the most powerful lineage in India. It is the beginning of a love story that not even death can end. In the name of love, Maino leaves her past to blend in with her expansive new country, India, which worships twenty million gods, speaks eight hundred languages, and votes for five hundred political parties. Her courage, integrity, and devotion will turn her into a revered and beloved figure.

Book Readers Review

According to another reviewer, Felicity Gibson, who states that she works in India.  This book is apparently “The fictionalized biography of Sonia Gandhi, the leader of the Congress Political Party in India today.  Mrs. Gandhi is suing the author, Javier Moro, for defamation in writing this book; it is banned in India”.  But the story is based on historical facts.  I have not, at this time, finished the book…it is quite long and absorbing, I am almost half way.  I find that I need to read a few chapters and take a break, reading something that is ‘lighter’.  Yet, find myself returning to The Red Sari often.

The book is very well researched and cited and of interest to those who like historical fiction, especially the world of the Gandhi family and the history lessons of India. Javier Moro writes an extremely graphic picture of India, the people, and the politics.  Apparently, Javier was unable to talk with any members of the family. I have added links that may be of interest to those who wish to read more details about the author and his book.

Thank you NetGalley and Open Road Integrated Media for the Author Review Copy

The Hindus draped in a Red Sari: Why it's time to talk about freedom of expression
Published: 22:20 GMT, 18 February 2014 | Updated: 23:50 GMT, 18 February 2014

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