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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ladies of Class
A Richard Hayward Murder Mystery
by Marjorie Owen
Fiction - Mystery - Murder
248 Pages
Reviewed on 02/08/2015
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Reviewed by for Readers' Favorite

The small, peaceful village of Burshill, England, is stunned when beloved resident Laura Clayton is murdered. Chief Constable Sir John Bury, a friend of the victim, assigns Detective Chief Inspector Richard Hayward to investigate. The only leads the detective has are the dying words of the victim and a letter she received from her friend Rosemary. Unfortunately, Rosemary becomes the next fatality before the detective interviews her. Local gossipers, who learn what Detective Hayward's plans are, impede his case as he digs into the victims' pasts. His investigation takes him overseas to interview another friend of Laura's who may be in danger, and he hopes the murderer does not get there before he does. Detective Hayward enlists the help of a friend at Scotland Yard, and wonders what connects this class of women to the killer.

Ladies of Class – A Richard Hayward Murder Mystery by Marjorie Owens is a suspenseful “whodunit.” Marjorie Owens kept my curiosity burning, and the beginning was an unusual attention grabber. I really liked the author’s warm, unhurried writing style, although it’s not slow paced. Her writing reminded me of Agatha Christie, but with modern undertones. Marjorie Owen had me guessing the killer’s identity, and was very thorough and descriptive in her plot, while including new leads that made me ponder. The dialogue was natural and witty with well-developed characters like methodical Detective Hayward. I recommend this book, which has a pleasant English country charm.

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