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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Society of Orion Book Five The Tayos Caves

Name: The Society of Orion Book Five: The Tayos Caves
Author: Gerald J. Kubicki & Kristopher Kubicki
Series: #18 – they stand alone
Published: 8/5/15
ISBN-13:  None
Size: The book is approximately 176 pages and has 31,911 words
Genre: Action/Adventure/Mystery/Thriller/Sci-Fi
Amazon Link:   Click here

Inside cover – The society of Orion Book Five: The Tayos Caves
After returning from their unsuccessful attempt to enter the Tayos caves, the Forever Ours team discovers that the devious monk who sent them there has died. At the cemetery, they meet Ahmad Fasi, who is head of The Society of Orion in Morocco. He threatens Banyon. He wants all the Orion weapons for himself.
Banyon and his team put together a plan to stop the Arab and to set the stage to go after the weapons he possesses at a later time. They then head back to the Tayos caves. When they get there they find that nothing is as it appears to be. The real use of the caves is something far more threatening. Trapped in the caves, the entire team faces elimination.

Jerry Kubicki

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