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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Empower Yourself: In the Holy Spirit (Pick Your Life) (Volume 2) by Sally Hanan

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Book Description
You can live life plugged into the Holy Spirit zone. God wants people to know him, and you get to be the conduit of his love, supercharged with all God's tools for purposeful living. Learn how to activate and use them via: 
Relationship - hear God's voice quickly and clearly through the world around you. 
Revelation - understand the messages God sends through visions, dreams, and prophetic words, and share his words in a healthy way. 
Revolution - be a powerhouse of Holy Spirit gifts by giving love away through the arts, physical healing, and intercession. 
Reality - be comfortable sharing the gifts of the Holy Spirit with everyone.
Flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit is not just for you, it's for mankind. Soak up every word. Your life will never be the same again.

Editorial Reviews

There is no other tool quite like this one. Whether it's related to prophecy, tongues, or God's spiritual nature, this book will bring you all the way into a mature connection with our wonderful Holy Spirit and his gifts. I highly recommend this for all ages and groups to study from. -- Shawn Bolz, Senior Pastor, Expression58, Los Angeles
Sally's book is an excellent tool that makes moving in the Spirit and hearing him speak seem so easy and attainable. You will be definitely be activated and launched into a fresh and increased anointing for the works of the kingdom. -- Jerame and Miranda Nelson, Cofounders, Living At His Feet Ministries

Imagine a reassuring compass in the hands of a seasoned traveler traversing landscapes unknown, yet known. Sally has given us that compass--a masterfully woven together and worthwhile study that will serve all well, regardless of where readers are in their journey with Christ.
-- Brian Francis Hume, Founder, Burning Lamp Media & Publishing

I have been so blessed by this book. It made me laugh, cry, and drink in revelation all at the same time. I couldn t put it down, and I want everyone in the school and on our prophetic teams to have a copy. --Pastor Sally Curtis, Director, Victory School of Supernatural Ministry, Houston.

From the Author

I've taught this material to many, but now it's all laid out beautifully so I can share it with everyone. Living this life of adventure and love with the Holy Spirit has been amazing, and I hope you all get to join me on it and feel fully alive.
Sally Hanan is an Irish import to the US. She made the "perilous" eight-hour crossing back in the '90s with a husband and two young children in tow. Since then she has managed to homeschool her above average kids (who are obviously absolute geniuses and extremely good-looking) and acquire more stuff than she knows what to do with.

On a more professional note, Sally has been counseling people for over twenty years and is a certified life coach and a facilitator at the Texas School of Supernatural Ministry. She also runs a writing and editing business on the side, because she gets bored easily and she loves fixing words as well as people.
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