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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Klepto Cat

Klepto Cat Book 13 Discounted (A Christmas Story)
Buy A Picture-Purrfect Christmas (Kindle version) for just 99 cents through January 3. Order your copy here today:Amazon - Kindle Copy

NEW Klepto Cat Mystery—Meow for the Money
The latest Klepto Cat Mystery (number 14) Meow for the Money is available for your Kindle NOW. Amazon - Kindle Copy

Another Klepto Cat Book in PRINT
Mansion of Meows (Number 9 in the series) now available for your Kindle AND in print at Amazon: Amazon - Kindle AND Print

More Fun and Games at the Catscapades Blog
Visit Patricia’s Catscapades blog daily for all things CAT—tips, myths, news, stories, riddles, announcements, giveaways, photos, and other surprises. Join in on the fun here:  

Patricia Fry, author, book editor, consultant:
Books by Patricia Fry:

Author of the Klepto Cat Mysteries
NEW: Book 14, "Meow for the Money"

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