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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stamp Collecting Can Get Dangerous!




    A single strange Nazi postage stamp – hidden for decades – surfaces in Paris, threatening to expose a shameful secret of World War Two that could rewrite history. 

    On a holiday in Europe, New York ad man Ted Oakley and his girlfriend Jennifer Swanner become innocently entangled in a web of international intrigue when they unknowingly buy a vintage object concealing the stamp.
    The work of a master Czechoslovakian engraver in 1940, this solitary stamp is desperately sought after by an unscrupulous Zurich rare stamp dealer, a Japanese millionaire collector, the Deputy Private Secretary to the Queen and MI5. Each have their own veiled reasons to obtain it from the unsuspecting American couple.

    In Paris, Zurich, London and Tokyo, their frantic search for this philatelic time bomb takes the reader into the rarified world of big-league stamp collecting, behind the doors of an odd London Gentlemen’s Club, into Germany’s surreal Karl May Society, into a Zurich sapphic nightclub, a bungled royal kidnapping, and revelations of little-known World War Two incidents involving key Nazi leaders,

    In plot twists shifting from past to present that seamlessly intertwines fascinating philatelic facts, three people will be murdered, with the final fate of this tiny paper rectangle taking a sudden turn that drives the story to its surprise ending.
    Meticulously researched by its author, Brian Hawkins, and vetted by the past President of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada and a master engraver of the Canadian Bank Note Company, THE STAMP is a dazzling historical fiction novel, full of intrigue and adventure. It is now available on