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Monday, May 23, 2016

Flashes of Emotion by Augustine Sam

Book Blurb:
Flashes of Emotion is a book of romantic poetry with a classical edge but feels current in its raw energy. Both timely & timeless, it allows the reader to tap into the poet's insights on a wide variety of topics from life and love to death and drudgery, highlighting a lively, refreshing, and innovative style. A 'must have' for anyone who has ever experienced love, pain, defeat, or joy...

Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

Flashes of Emotion is romantic poetry that looks into a vast array of subjects: love, pain, death and other life matters that evoke our sentiments. Having read Sam's previous work, Take Back the Memory, I was curious to get to know him as a poet. I wasn't disappointed. His poems are written in a vivid and refreshing style. This makes the collection easy to relate to even by the casual readers of poetry like me. The compilation is pleasurable to read and to reread. Sam knows how to put across emotions and thoughts, and they resonate from every poem. 

Book Readers Review
Flashes of Emotion is a book of poems written to reflect life, love, death, pain, joy and many kinds of emotion.  The author is eloquent and has a subtle use of language.  The poems are reasonably short and easy to read conveying meanings that may be interpreted by the reader.  It is definitely a book of poems to be savored and returned to on many occasions. 
Augustine has captured the essence of an emotion and relayed this in beautiful language.  If you are a poetry lover you will cherish this book and experience.  I have read most of the poems twice and still marvel at the range of feelings elicited by these wonderful words.
The author provided me with a copy in return for an unbiased review.  My rating is a five plus stars and recommend those who love poetry to have a copy in their library.  If you are not a frequent reader of poetry Augustine’s poems will change your view.  This is a rare collection. 

From the Author
Literature must be relevant to its times. It must be both timely and timeless. It must resonate with the people and the period in which it is set, and contribute to the discourse, political or otherwise, as well as put events in their proper historical and social contexts.

About the author:   
Augustine Sam is a bilingual journalist and an award-winning poet. A member of the U.K. Chartered Institute of Journalists, he was formerly Special Desk editor  at THISDAY newspapers, an authoritative Third World daily first published in collaboration with the Financial Times of London. He later became correspondent of central Europe. His poems have been published in two international anthologies: The Sounds of Silence & Measures of the Heart. One of his poems, Anguish & Passion, was adjudged winner of the Editors' Choice Awards in the North America Open Poetry contest, USA.

This collection of poems was the 2015 International Book Award Finalist. Augustine is also the author of Take Back the Memory, a contemporary women's fiction & The Conspiracy of Silence, a mystery/thriller. He lives and works in Venice, Italy.

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