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Friday, May 13, 2016

What’s new in the Klepto Cat Mystery factory?

            Two Brand NEW books for Your Kindle
            Three More Books in PRINT
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Two more books for your Kindle. If you haven't read book 16 (published March of 2016), order it for your Kindle today. Some say this is the best adventure story yet. In Cabin FURvor, a girls’ fun getaway weekend quickly becomes something that would rival any Fright Night flick. The women run into the infamous mountain monster, they’re visited by an escaped kidnap victim, and they’re privy to rumors of a deranged serial killer who may live secretly in their cabin. Just when Savannah, Aunt Margaret, and their two best friends think the worst is over, they make a grisly discovery that shakes up the mountain community. This thriller is also rich in hilarity and features plenty of cat action, as Rags and his tabby friend Dolly tag along on this fur-raising adventure.

A MEOWvelous Witness (Book 17) debuts this week!!! In this story, chaos seems to be the order of the day as Colbi and Damon plan their wedding. Colbi fears she has an incurable illness. In order to cheer her up, Savannah organizes a trail ride and Iris, Colbi’s future mother-in-law, joins in on the fun. Aunt Margaret’s surprise—to drive up and bring Rags and Dolly to the picnic—backfires when Margaret, the two cats, and their lunch go missing in the mountains.

In the meantime, an unwanted visitor shows up in town and starts making threats to Damon and his mother. When the stranger is found dead, Iris confesses to the murder in order to save her son. But Detective Craig Sledge goes out on a limb and invites Rags and Dolly to a line-up. The two cats shock everyone when they paw the real killers.
 Available here:
3 More Klepto Cat Mysteries in Print
If you’re one of the growing number of readers who prefer an actual book, you’ll be pleased to know that 15 of the books are now in print. The most recent are The Purrfect Lie, Meow for the Money, and Claws for a Cause. Order them here: or at

About Author

In 2012, Patricia decided to add another dimension to her successful career. It was her birthday and she gave herself the gift of time and space to write her first book of fiction. Of course, she chose her favorite genre and her favorite subject—cozy (light) mysteries involving cats. She published her first Klepto Cat Mystery, Catnapped, in June of 2013 and has followed (and continues to follow) with new books in the series on an average of every two months.  To learn more about Patricia Fry's Klepto Cat Mysteries visit or Amazon.
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Patricia Fry, author, book editor, consultant

Books by Patricia Fry

Author of the AWARD-WINNING Klepto Cat Mysteries
NEW: Book 17 "A MEOWvelous Witness."

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