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Saturday, July 30, 2016

The World's water supply is reaching its end!

Inevitable Kindle Edition
by Jonathan Nace

Your world’s water supply is reaching its finite end. Aquifers are drying, and water is being divided between production of food, medicine, and agriculture. When America found itself on the brink of Malthusian catastrophe, population control was installed for the greatest good for the greatest possible number of people.

For Benjamin Zachary the country did only what was necessary. As any other twenty-one year old, Ben expects to receive his Fairness In Nature And Life Act (FINAL) letter from The Office of Population Management. But he grows suspicious and nervous when he fails to receive his letter within weeks after his birthday.

Ben soon learns that his fears are well-founded as he is being accused of a crime he did not commit for a second time - this time by The Office, itself. He is wanted for immediate trial by Panel Hearing. Ben struggles to face his own death, knowing that he has little chance of defeating The Office at its own game. He has no lawyer to represent him, no knowledge of the rules of the hearing process, and he finds that the Panel that is going to decide his fate is hand-picked by his adversary, Office Director Dante Ringer. His only hope is his friend, Patricia Mullins, whose cold acknowledgment of The Office's necessity juxtaposed with her feelings for Ben, twist her into conflicting directions. As Ben and Patricia fight to overcome The Office's powerful organization, they learn the only way out for Ben is at the expense of others.

Up against a nearly unlimited government agency created to deal with a dramatic environmental crisis, Ben and Patricia fight against the Inevitable. 

Book Readers Review

The Book ‘Inevitable’ is a futuristic dystopian novel written by Jonathan Nace.  The story revolves around the main character Ben Zachary. Ben has been accused of fraud against The Office and treason against the United States citizens. This accusation stems from a crime that Ben was acquitted of earlier in his life. Ben does not know or understand why he is taken into custody or the details of the crime.  He is not allowed an attorney or any form of defense.  But his friends Patricia and Bret do their best to help Ben.  But  all three friends are up against Agent Gabriel from The Office, who specializes in catching and turning in escapees.
The novel ‘Inevitable’ might even be a disturbing and realistic possibility in the future.  Jonathan Nace lays out interesting concepts of a government controlling life and death with population control. The reason being, the world is running out of water.  Many and varying factors contribute to the population control of quality of life over quantity.  The author presents discussions of laws and the government that could be similar to those of today’s society.  The main characters are the survivors and strong as one would expect in the world of ‘Inevitable’.  A few characters came across as weak but likeable.
I give the plot five stars as an important message to society.  The start of the novel took a bit of getting into but as the story developed the faster it became for me.  I would recommend the book and give it an overall four stars.  I received a copy for an unbiased and honest review.  Thank you for an interesting read.

About Author
Jonathan Nace is a novelist and a trial attorney in Washington, DC. A graduate of Tulane University School of Law with a degree in Philosophy from Emory University, he has represented individuals in trials, negotiated multi-million dollar settlements, and argued at various appellate courts in the Washington area. He has been published in legal magazines and reporters including the Maryland Association for Justice Trial Reporter, and Injury Board Safety Magazine, and served as Managing Editor of the Tulane University School of Law Sports Lawyers Journal.

Jonathan lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and daughter. 

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