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Monday, August 22, 2016

Action, Adventure, and Suspense - Hot Pursuit by Roderick Thorp

From the author of Nothing Lasts Forever, the basis for the movie Die Hard, comes a heart-pounding thriller! When a young coast guard lieutenant commander, Sam Merrill, finds a "ghost" yacht full of one billion dollars' worth of gold, money, and contraband, he becomes a national sensation and the poster boy for America's war on drugs. As a reward, the government sends Sam and his wife, Amy, on an all-expenses-paid vacation to the Bahamas. Sam's newfound fame becomes a nightmare when Amy is kidnapped not long after they arrive in the tropical paradise. Sam is confronted with the pursuit of his life, fighting to save Amy and ultimately himself as he faces death-defying challenges at every turn and a drug kingpin named Chino who will stop at nothing to see him dead. In way over his head, outgunned, and outnumbered when the chase leads him to Cartagena, Sam has to overcome overwhelming odds as he races against time to figure out why his wife was kidnapped and where she is being held-and save her from bad guys who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

About the Author
Roderick Thorp is the author of The Detective, Rainbow Drive, and Nothing Lasts Forever, the basis for the movie Die Hard. He has worked as a private detective and done extensive crime reporting, including a twenty-one-part series on cocaine traffic in Southern California, which was published in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. Thorp's other novels include Into the Forest, Dionysus, Slaves, The Circle of Love, Westfield, Jenny and Barnum, Devlin, and River.

Book Readers Review
Hot Pursuit is lite action/adventure fun

Hot Pursuit written by Roderick Thorp in 1995 has not been published before he died in 1999.  This version is from the original manuscript with no revisions.  Thorp is well known for three of his books made into movies, Die Hard being the most famous.
In Hot Pursuit Sam Merrill, a Coast Guard Lieutenant, is called out to investigate an abandoned ship that is suspect.  It turns out the yacht is full of contraband and money.  Sam is not comfortable with how the vessel appears and conditions, no heavy weather but the rescue is made.  Merrill and his wife are rewarded for the recovery by the government with to an all-expenses paid vacation.  There begins the tale!
The action is fast-paced and the novel quite short.  It is a bit dated written over twenty years ago.  If you are looking for a quick thriller that has mystery, intrigue, kidnapping, and much more, then the book is for you.  I received a copy from Open Road Integrated Media in return for an honest opinion. There are many twists and turns in the story but parts of it may not appeal to all readers.  The novel is a fast read and I would recommend it with four stars.  Thank you Open Road for the opportunity to read this book. 


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