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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Based On an Actual Email Sent to the Author


It all started with an email, then a meeting at the pub, and then a bottle of hydrogen cyanide. Suddenly, disgruntled customer service rep Logan Weidman found himself initiated into the mysterious Ring of Monarchs, where wealth and status are guaranteed, and everything always works out for its members - even getting away with murder. When the Monarchs start demanding favors from Logan, he realizes that their idea of success is very different from his own, and there will be no easy escape from their midst.

H. W. Vivian is the author of the YA fictions, Chasers and War of Rain. Her latest work, The Goddess: A War of Rain Novel, was released in May 2016, and is an accompanying story to War of Rain. She also writes general fiction under her pseudonym, Alex Chu. Novels written under this pseudonym include Days of Amber and the more recently released Monarchs. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest news on books.



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