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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Sacred Sands

Author Vahan Zanoyan offers a compelling inside look at foreign policy and the geopolitically charged oil industry in his new novel, The Sacred Sands. Based upon his thirty-five years of experience as an international energy consultant, Zanoyan offers a different kind of mystery in The Sacred Sands, one that educates as it entertains, and warns us to beware of our history, before it becomes our future.

Protagonist James Blackburn, a successful energy consultant based in Washington, D.C. who advises oil traders, oil producing governments, as well as the CIA and the U.S. Department of Defense, must uncover a brewing conflict in the Middle East. Blackburn finds himself influencing U.S. policy at a time of great turmoil and change in the world.  Years later, Blackburn watches history repeat itself, and wonders whether the cataclysmic events that sprung up in the Middle East in recent years—the rise of the Islamic State, the crash in oil prices and the destruction of Iraq and Syria—could have been predicted, and even averted.

Zanoyan has been frequently quoted in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe Economist, and Financial Times, and been regularly interviewed on CNN, NPR and Bloomberggiven hundreds of professional speeches and presentations, published countless articles, and testified in Congress. He is the author of  A Place Far Away (2013) and The Doves of Ohanavank (2014), both of which were inspired by a chance meeting with a very young victim of sex trafficking. He divides his time between Southern California, Armenia and the Middle East.

About Author Vahan Zanoyan
Vahan Zanoyan is a global energy expert, writer, traveler, and anti-trafficking advocate. Educated at The American University in Beirut and the University of Pennsylvania (Political Science and Economics), he has conducted pioneering research and applied analysis of the political economies of oil producing countries and their development process during the past three decades. As an expert international energy consultant, Zanoyan has been frequently quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and Financial Times, regularly interviewed on CNN, NPR and Bloomberg, given hundreds of professional speeches and presentations, published countless articles, and testified in Congress.

Zanoyan has over thirty-five years of professional experience in analyzing energy markets, including production, energy futures markets, production and pricing strategies of oil and gas and energy sector investment opportunities. He served as a senior economic and oil policy advisor to many oil producing governments, and has served as a consultant to numerous international and national oil companies, banks, and other private and public organizations throughout the United States, the Middle East, the Far East and Latin America.

In 1982, Zanoyan joined Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates, where he founded The Middle East Economic Service, and served as the company's resident expert on oil markets. He was later in charge of all economic consulting services that covered Latin America, Asia, the Centrally Planned Economies, the Middle East and North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 1987 Zanoyan joined PFC Energy, an advisory firm specializing in the commercial, political and strategic aspects of the global oil, gas and power business, and founded the Market Intelligence Service (MIS). He continued to head the MIS until he became President and CEO of the firm in 1995. In 2005, Zanoyan established PFC Energy International, and served as its Chairman and Chief Executive until 2009, when we was appointed founding Chief Executive Officer of First Energy Bank, a specialized investment bank in energy.

Vahan Zanoyan is the author of Zanoyan two volumes of poetry in Armenian, (2010 and 2011); and two novels in English, A Place Far Away (2013) and The Doves of Ohanavank (2014), both of which were inspired by a chance meeting with a very young victim of sex trafficking. The Sacred Sands is his third novel. He loves to travel, read, and drink good wine.

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November 29, 2016
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