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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Council of Light - Energetic Exercise The Embodiment of Ecstatic Bliss

Excerpt 8
Energetic Exercise The Embodiment of Ecstatic Bliss

            This is the Venus Ray that is moving more into the now moment. Allow yourself to feel the vibration that is becoming accessible. Allow yourself to acknowledge the Venus Ray within you, the ray of bliss, the ray of ecstasy, the ray of opulence, this energetic tone of ecstatic bliss. You may have a sense of the Hathors present as well, for they have been stewards of ecstatic bliss for eons. As you are already there allow yourself to be in alignment with this ecstatic bliss. It is as if this ecstatic bliss, this Venus Ray, this opulent bliss, is like a fountain emanating from the portal of your heart center rising up through your throat, your third eye, and your crown, and showering in, through, and around you. This fountain is also rising up through your feet, your legs, your pelvis, your heart, and your crown. As you are in this shower of the opulent bliss, the ecstatic bliss, the joy, the Venus Ray that is in and through and around you, feel the birthright of joy unlocking from within your DNA spiral. Feel the birthright of joy emanating from the divinity codes within you, in the crystals of your blood, and in your bones. Feel the birthright of joy like stars glistening in the galaxy sparking within your bloodstream. Feel the birthright of joy circulating through your pranic tube, your central column, your spinal column, and the space around it. Feel the birthright of joy activating your pleasure centers, and by pleasure centers we mean all of you. You may think of your pleasure centers as related to the senses: your sense of taste, touch, smell, your sensuality, and your sexuality. The pleasure of sense is only one aspect of the pleasure centers that are your birthright. You are a multidimensional being and you have multidimensional pleasure centers. Allow the pleasure centers of your multidimensionality to be in the now moment and in an awakened state.
You are designed for bliss. When we speak of multidimensional bliss and multidimensional pleasure centers we are inviting you to feel into the pleasure centers of your soul, to feel into the pleasure centers of your divinity, and to feel into the pleasure centers of your brilliant system. Expand even further into the pleasure centers of your multidimensionality, feeling this fountain of the Venus Ray expanding and quadrupling. Enjoy this expansion of the Venus Ray and when you feel a sense of overflowing bring yourself fully back.
Opulence as the Divine Expression of Creation
            The invitation to be in the energy of bliss has been extended to the planet at this time and some beings on the planet are choosing to take that invitation. As that is occurring you may be aware of more intergalactic activity, more communion with the heavenly energies within and without, and a more stardust quality of vibration. The Venus Ray, this opulent bliss, is a wave of consciousness from which you can garner much.
What calls forth the energy of beauty is this ecstatic bliss and opulence. The word opulence has an association with beauty—extraordinary beauty—and for some this may have a charge or an association with over indulgence, luxury, and hedonism, as well as the belief that it is for some and not for all. Yet by being at the place of opulence as a frequency and as a vibration of the ecstatic bliss of beauty you can feel into the boundless and infinite nature of creation. For why would you have something that would bring you joy or would bring you pleasure tied into the old paradigm of guilt or shame? Suppose it would be an experience of pleasure for you to x,y, or z, and then you held yourself separate from experiencing that pleasure. Opulence is the divine expression of creation. It is a vibration. Allow your consciousness to shift if you have or had any judgment around opulence or have a charge on that word to see it just for the beauty that it is. There is the opulence of the stars shining in the galaxy. There is the opulence of cherries blooming on a cherry tree. There is the opulence of an exquisite landscape. There is the opulence of the colors of fish in the universe. There is this outrageous beauty that exists in nature that is simply opulent. This is what we are inviting you to tune into.
Excerpt from The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul By Danielle Rama Hoffman
© Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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