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Friday, December 20, 2013

Great offer - In Print - Time Fall by Timothy Ashby

 #1 in Amazon Kindle’s  "Mystery, Thriller & Suspense," category 

 #2 overall on Kindle lists during our most recent giveaway promotion.

 More than 40,000 readers downloaded Time Fall just over the past month


 The number of five-star reviews has been so gratifying for Tim.

Timothy is offering a pre- and post-holiday 40% discount off list price on the print edition. The discount isn’t widely available. Readers can access the "40% off Time Fall in print" discount:
and use this discount code: D8PMRWFQ
The discount will be available from today through Monday January 13.
Thank you again, and best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Read Author Interview and Review by Book Readers: Click for link

About Time Fall
Lt. Art Sutton's team of six US Rangers parachute into Nazi Germany...but they vanish in 1945.  They land, a few minutes later in 2011.  The Rangers are unaware of the passage of time all around them and the valiant, misguided soldiers begin to attack "enemy" targets.
They face the age old questions - What is good!  What is evil?
About Tim Ashby
Timothy Ashby's life has been as thrilling as one of his action/adventure novels. Visit his author blog at  
An international lawyer, businessman and writer, Tim Ashby worked in Washington DC as a counter-terrorism consultant to the U.S. State Department, and then as a senior official -  the youngest political appointee of his rank - at the U.S. Commerce Department, responsible for commercial relations with Latin America and the Caribbean.  He held two Top Secret security clearances and worked with a number of colorful characters, including members of the U.S. military's Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).  He has lived in the Caribbean and Europe as well as various places in the United States.  An avid historian, he published widely on military history, archaeology, business and international relations.  A licensed attorney in Florida and the District of Columbia, Tim Ashby has a PhD degree from the University of Southern California, a JD from Seattle University Law School, and an MBA from University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Book Details
Publisher - Author Planet Press
ISBN - 101481026674
ISBN - 13 978 - 1481026673