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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Left Hand Tree by Jay Gunter

The Kindle edition of Jay's book, Left Hand Tree, has gone live on Amazon.

Releasing January 19th, 2017

Are you prepared to question reality? Feel the cold shiver run down your spine? I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Jay Gunter. This new author is bringing a story to the world that I believe you will enjoy immensely. Reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe, Jay's storytelling in Left Hand Tree entraps you and holds you captive until the very last page.
We invite you to join us January 19th, 2017, Edgar Allan Poe's 208th birthday, as we bring this new tale of spiritual horror to light. Join the book launch party for Left Hand Tree featuring a blog tour with interviews and book reviews.

In these pages you will encounter strange stories of otherworldly evil, sent from a place eerily familiar, yet utterly bizarre, to deliver a stealthy sense of disquiet that will haunt your dreams.
Tales like the title story, where an infant awaits a monstrous fate, and whose only salvation is a man with an ocean of blood on his hands.


Tales like, "The Fourth Son of Adam," where a skeptical reporter makes a pilgrimage of dark discovery that will threaten to poison his soul, his sanity . . . and even extinguish his humanity.
Tales like "Triptych", where a maestro of evil is haunted by an unthinkable revenant intent on delivering him to an unimaginable confrontation.
All these and more you will discover when you read these pages
and enter their world of horror and strangeness.
Come, if you dare, and be changed . . . perhaps forever . . .

Necklace give-away
This necklace was custom designed for Jay's book launch and anyone who likes and shares the Left Hand Tree Facebook page will be entered to win.
Also, we're offering a chance to win an autographed copy of the book.
The countdown has begun to our January 19th release date!

Jay Gunter was born in Great Falls, Montana.  He currently resides in the Spokane, Washington area where he teaches Communication Studies at Eastern Washington University.  His interests range from action and horror films to supernatural and suspense fiction.  He has enjoyed things outré and frightening since he was a very young boy, although he may have disputed the fact at that young age.  “I can remember sitting on my dad’s lap one Saturday afternoon, watching Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster on our television set.  Karloff was doing his genius performance as the monster, howling and growling and battering at this door in order to escape, and it was so loud and scary and awful, that I sat and screamed my head off while my dad fruitlessly tried to get me to realize that it was all just a movie.  But that monster was absolutely real to me, and I just wanted it to go away.  Finally, my mom had to intervene from the kitchen; she told my dad to just turn the channel, and he did.  After that, if I even saw a hint of a Frankenstein, or a Wolf Man or other old-fashioned monster on the TV, I’d either leave the room, or I’d stare at the screen and whimper like a bird hypnotized by a snake.  I’m sure that warped me somehow!”

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